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Half-Hitch Rule
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

Correct Half-Hitch Knot

In fly tying we use a tool call the "Bodkin." The "Bodkin" has a needle-point at one end, the handle at the other end. The handle has two purposes; as a hair packer, and as a half-hitch tool. Many people tie their Half-Hitches using the "Bodkin" improperly. The think they are doing a Half-Hitch, while they are actually are just doing two Quarter-Hitches. While a Half-Hitch is comprised of two Quarter-Hitches, there is a BIG difference.

2 half-hitches

The "Half-Hitch Rule," as any Boy Scout will tell you, is comprised of two Quarter-Hitches. But the second Quarter-Hitch is reversed from the first Quarter-Hitch. This may seem trivial , but the "Half-Hitch Rule" is as important for the Half-Hitch, as the "Square-Knot Rule is for the "Square Knot."



The "Half-Hitch Rule," simply stated, " . . .loop over, loop under." What this means, is for the first Quarter-Hitch, start with the bodkin resting on top of the thread. For the second Quarter-Hitch, start with the bodkin on the bottom of the thread. If the "Half-Hitch" is done improperly, material can come loose on the fly before you are even done tying.

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