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Multiple Dubbing Loop
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

The Dubbing Loop, can also be used for multiple Dubbing on the same Dubbing Loop. Again the possiblies are endless. Your only limitation is you imagination I normally use this on the Thorax of the fly. For this example, I will be using a soft hackle feather and Antron dubbing.

    1. Tie in the soft hackle feather at mid-point on the hook shank.

    2. Coat the thread with some dubbing wax and spin on the dubbing as if you were doing a regular dubbing wrap.

    3. Extend the thread some more and coat the additional thread with some dubbing wax (this will be the upper thread of the Dubbing Loop).

    4. Form the dubbing loop, and stretch the feather so the stem is aligned with the dubbing loops thread.

    5. Spin the Dubbing Loop, using the Dubbing Spinner.

    6. Now you can wrap the spun Dubbing Loop onto the hook.

    For this photo demonstration I tied a general nymph pattern, here is the recipe.

      Hook:  2X long Wet Fly Hook.

      Thread:  Olive.

      Tail:   Olive Marabou.

      Weight:   .025 non lead, wrapped mid shank, 11 turns.

      Body:  Olive Rabbit Dubbing.

      Wing Case:   Brown Turkey Flat.

      Feather for Dubbing:   Gray Hen Feather (from a packet of strung neck feathers)

      Thorax:   Olive Rabbit Dubbing.

      Head:  Black Thread.

Before bringing the wing case forward I cut off the gray feather wrap on the top of the hook shank.

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If you have any questions, tips, or techniques; send them along. Someone else thought up most of this material before we did, they just forgot to tell anyone about it. Or else we just forgot about it, while learning something else. Let us share with each other, all the things we know! ~ Steven H. McGarthwaite (Chat Room AKA Parnelli)

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