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Dubbing Loop
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

A Dubbing Loop can be used to dub a feather. This is a nice variation on most fly patterns (dry, wet, nymph, ect). This will create a look where the feather hackle will lay it every direction, instead of just perpendicular to the hook shank. I especially like using this style on Woolly Bugger patterns.

1. Tie in the Feather at the point you wish to start.

2. Spread the feather's hackle by holding by tip and sliding finger down to base of feather.

3. Wax enough thread to form the Dubbing Loop. Pull the feather around the back of the hook and into the middle of the Dubbing Loop.

4. Pinch the Dubbing Loop and feather, making sure that the stem of the feather is aligned with Dubbing Loop thread. Use Dubbing Spinner to wind it all together.

5. After the feather and Dubbing Loop has been spun, clear any tangled hackle.

6. Now rib the spun Dubbing forward to just behind the eye of hook. Wrap with thread couple of times, half-hitch to secure ribbed dubbing.

Here is the Egg Sucking Leach, using the hook seen above and the Dubbed Feather.

    Hook: Streamer style 4X.

    Thread: 3/0 Black Mono Cord

    Tail: (3) Furnace Feathers.

    Ribbing: (1) Furnace Feather.

    Body: Black Chenille

    Head: Orange Floss (Whip-Finished).

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If you have any questions, tips, or techniques; send them along. Someone else thought up most of this material before we did, they just forgot to tell anyone about it. Or else we just forgot about it, while learning something else. Let us share with each other, all the things we know! ~ Steven H. McGarthwaite (Chat Room AKA Parnelli)

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