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Cheap Scud Backs
By John Dorman

John Dorman emailed this tying tip to Muddler, who forwarded it on to me. I checked it out, it is true! ~Steven H. McGarthwaite

I suppose you know that the commercial scud back material is made from the elastic used in ladies panties and can be found in any fabric shop. Dye it or use permanent marker to color it. ~ John Dorman

Thank you John for the wonderful tip. I like cheap, it is almost as good as free.

Please check out the Fly Tying Section, on the Bulletin Board, on FAOL too.

If you have any questions, tips, or techniques; send them along. Someone else thought up most of this material before we did, they just forgot to tell anyone about it. Or else we just forgot about it, while learning something else. Let us share with each other, all the things we know! ~ Steven H. McGarthwaite (Chat Room AKA Parnelli)

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