Part Twelve

Controlling Your Hooks
By George E. Emanuel

Although I have previously covered this "tip" in the "Getting Organized" series, a rather remarkable circumstance should remind us all of the need to be ever mindful of where and how our hooks are stored.

On a recent panfish expedition which has become a regular ritual with myself and a good friend whom we shall just call Klaus, (his real name) the following scenario played itself out. We have a regular haunt as I suppose most all of us do. One day when things were a bit slow and the weather cooperative we decided to explore a bit more upstream from a grade crossing. We traversed perhaps two miles over dirt trails, and granite rocks. Up and down, over and around a variety of obstacles we trod. After having covered the afore mentioned distance, my companion, feeling a discomfort in his hip boot foot, decided to investigate and remove what he was certain was an offending pebble.

Well, let me tell you, we were both horrified to find stuck to his sock a size 10 hook. It seems my friend had been tying too near his tackle, and apparently spilled some hooks. One of these little flesh ripping gremlins must have escaped capture and just snuggled into the boot, waiting to impale the first toe it saw. Fortunately, no harm was done and having cleared the irritant we continued on our way.

These simple magnets can save you a tremendous amount of aggravation at the bench. I doubt any of us who have tied for a reasonable period of time have not winced at the task of picking up spilled hooks from the floor, or other areas around our bench. The inclusion of a simple "craft" magnet in your storage containers will save you many a painful and unnecessary piercing. These magnets are sold in craft stores and through mail order catalogues. They are cheap insurance.

As you will see by the hooks in my hand, these things really do "control" hooks. Placed in your rounded bottom, multi compartmented hook box, they keep size 16, 3906B's from mixing with size 24, 94840's.

One of the most dangerous things we do as fly tiers is to open the neat little boxes in which the manufacturers frequently package them. They are great for storage, especially for traveling, but open it without due attention and you have a mess of sharp pointed things, just waiting for you to sacrifice your flesh. Throw one of these "craft" magnets into that box and they may fall out in a bunch, but they will be easy, and safe to pick up.

Play it safe, get some magnets in your boxes, (plastic envelopes can also benefit as well) and keep your hooks out of your waders, You will be glad you did !!!

If you have any tips or techniques, send them along, most of this material has been stolen from somebody, might as well steal your ideas too! ~ George E. Emanuel (Chat Room Host Muddler)

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