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Weighed Nymphs
By Craig Thorp

Craig Thorp (AKA Chub) sent in this E mail Tying Tip. Craig is from Crystal Minnesota. Chub, slicfoot and I were roommates at the 1999 FAOL Black Hills Fish-In. This tip is an easy way to help keep the fly box organized on the stream. ~Steven H. McGarthwaite

I found I cannot remember which nymphs are weighted and which ones are not! So I started tying one or two wraps of different colored thread on the weighted ones.

For example, I am tying Golden Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymphs. The light-weighted nymphs are wrapped with yellow thread, medium-weighed are red, and heavy-weighted are white.

Non-weighted nymphs are not marked with a special wrap. It works for me. ~ Craig Thorp

Please check out the Fly Tying Section, on the Bulletin Board, on FAOL too.

If you have any questions, tips, or techniques; send them along. Someone else thought up most of this material before we did, they just forgot to tell anyone about it. Or else we just forgot about it, while learning something else. Let us share with each other, all the things we know! ~ Steven H. McGarthwaite (Chat Room AKA Parnelli)

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