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Thinking Outside A Square Box
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

Where do ideas come from? Why can some only see a problem, and some seeing the problem also see a solution? Others (seeing the same thing) only see opportunity? It is called "Thinking Outside A Square Box."

Some people when reading a rule book, only see what it says you can and cannot do. (They are called Conservatives).

Some people when reading a rule book, see what can be rewritten to be more just and fair. (They are called Liberals).

Others read in between the lines, to find loopholes in the meanings of the words. (They are called Lawyers).

Then there are those who, reading the rule book, pay close attention to what isn't even there. (They are called, Radicals.) Radicals are notoriously famous for "Thinking Outside A Square Box."

Frederic M. Halford thought outside the box in late 1800's when there was only wet flies, and we now have the dry flies.

Theodore Gordon thought outside the box, and we now have the "Blue Quill Gordon" (more commonly called the Quill Gordon dry fly). Theodore Gordon is now known as the "Father of American Dry Fly Fishing," and was a disciple of Frederic M. Halford.

Lee Wulff thought outside the box, using deer hair for dry flies wings, and we have the Grey Wulff, Green Wulff, Yellow Wulff, Royal Wulff, ect. Lee was part of the Catskill School of Fly Tying, where less was considered better.

Vincent Marinaro thought outside the box. Because of Vincent Marinaro's work we now have the Thorax dry fly. James Birkholm (AKA James Castwell or JC) is a disciple of Vincent Marinaro. And JC continued the work of Vincent Marinaro with a series he worked on for many years. With the encouragement, and I may say a wee bit of nagging by some of us Friends of FAOL, we finally got JC to publish it here. Thus we have "Flies Only" in the FEATURES Section.

Some fly tiers are radical by nature, that is, they think of something that has never been thought of before. They all started out by learning the disciplines of fly tying, and all the different views of tying flies, then went on outside the box.

Some are honored with flies named after them. Others even have (so called) schools of disciples following their teachings, named in their honor. Others are remembered for their innovative flies.

Are you a radical, who can think outside the box?

Here is a simple test. When you think you have the answer E-mail me. All the ones who answer correctly, will have their names go into the hat. (There is a prize involved here.) If you are wrong, I will E-mail you, a "No, try again!" notice. So you can have many tries as you need. But once, you have received a "Yes, you are correct!" that is it - no double entries please. Also the honor system is in force - no giving the answer to someone else.

So here we go.

Johnny's mother, has three children! The first was a girl, so she was named Penny. The second child was a boy, so he was named, Nicholas.

What is the third child's name? ~ Steven H. McGarthwaite (Chat Room AKA Parnelli)

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