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By Betty Hiner

A simple fly that can be tied to decorate a hat band, fish for bass, or stuff into an ornament to hang on a Christmas tree. Your only limitation is your imagination.


Materials for Hummingbird (only suggestions):

    Thread: Black or yellow.

    Body: Chenille; bird color (school colors...have fun!)

    Eyes: Dumbbell yellow lead with pupils or gold with stick on pupils.

    Feathers: Pheasant, guinea hen (school colors).

Be creative with colors and accessories that you may have, each one of these I have tied is a little different.

Tying Instructions:

Step 1

    1. I use a #2 bass hook. You can use a regular straight, #2-#8, but bend it where the eyes will set, to form the beak.

    Step 2

    2. Start your thread at the hook eye; wrap to the eye bend (where the eyes will be), back to the hook eye, then back up to the birds' eye. Figure 8 the dumbbell eyes in place.

    Step 3

    3. Continue your thread to the hook bend, and tie in the tail. Tail is formed with two feathers ends together, side by side (forms an upside down heart!)

    Step 4

    4. Add a third feather overlay.

    Step 5

    5. Tie in the chenille (color to match the bird)

    Step 6

    6. Wrap the thread forward to just in front of the eyes. Wrap the chenille up the hook (a very short body) to the wing placement.

    Step 7

    Step 7

    7. Wings are two feathers, concave side up, top feather smaller than base feather...can be different colors...tie them on the sides of the hook, facing up and forward (bird needs lift to fly!).

    Step 8

    8. Continue the chenille to the eyes and figure 8 them, then wrap once behind the eyes, and once in front of the eyes to form the head. Tie off the chenille. Continue the thread to the hook eye, and tie it off.

    Step 9

    9. To place in the ornament: Tie a piece of fine gold wire behind the eyes.

    Step 10

    10. Maiden voyage!

    Step 10

    11. Take a deep breath, and "encourage" the bird, beak first in to the ornament.

    Step 11

    12. Make sure you hang on to the wire! Once he's in there past the hook, he'll pop around and fly, suspended by the wire. Slip the held end of the wire through the hole at the center of the metal top, pop the top in place, and wrap the wire around the loop, to the proper length. If you need to take him out for any reason (usually to replace a wing ripped off in trying to get him in there in the first place...I'm sorry...I digress!), use your long nosed tweezers, and work him beak first back out. ~ Betty Hiner

    Finished Ornament

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