Flaming Hooker
By Fly Goddess (Joanie) UT

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Materials Flaming Hooker:

    Hook: Straight Eye Streamer #4.

    Thread: Black.

    Weight: 5 to 7 wraps of lead or lead substitute.

    Tail and body back: Burgundy with Black Tip Zonker Strip.

    Body: Crystal Red Chenille.

    Flash:: 4 to 8 strands of Red Tinsel Flashabou.

    Collar: Red Mallard, Guinea, or Marabou Feather.

Method Flaming Hooker:

    1. Tie in Zonker strip at the bend of the hook leaving enough for a tail (and remember, you can always shorten the tail on the finished hook if needed).

    2. Tie in Chenille at bend of hook.

    3. Wrap Chenille up hook to short of the eye.

    4. Fold Zonker over chenille snug and tie off behind eye, but leave room for head.

    5. Tie in 2 to 4 strands per side of Flashabou.

    6. Prep your collar feather to be tied in by the tip.

    7. Wrap collar feather Softhackle style.

    8. Form head with thread and cement:

    9. Finished fly. ~ Fly Goddess

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