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Capt. Paul's Junk Yard Dawg
Capt. Paul's Junk Yard Dawg
By Capt. Paul Darby
Photos by Jim Birkholm

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Capt. Paul Junk Yard Dawg

This pattern was designed like so many others to fill a perceived void in a given situation. As a shallow water fisherman who fishes the sand flats around bay and bayous I wanted a pattern which would present a different sight pattern from the rear, to stalking fish. Thus the desire for the upturned tail and flat underside. [Ed. note: though designed as a saltwater fly, try this for bass of all sorts where crayfish are present. Might be terrific in lakes for large fish as well.]


Hooks:  Mustad 34007, Size 2.

Thread:  Flatwaxed or UniThread 6/0, white.

Eyes:  Lead or Brass painted for contrast 5/32in.

Tail:  Krystal Flash - Pearl.
         Calf Tail - Tan.
         Hen Saddle Hackle - Tan.

Body:  Estaz, ButterRum and Fl. Orange, and
Saltwater Saddle Hackle.

Tying Steps:

1. Start the thread at the bend of the hook. Taking four strands of Krystal Flash, fold in half and cut twice. Tie flash in center and fold again and tie down until flash is almost 90 degrees to hook shank.

2. Tie calf tail on top of Krystal Flash at same 90 degrees to hook shank. Tie calf tail on top of Krystal Flash at the same 90 degree angle to hook shank.

3. Tie in Hen feathers at approximately 45 degrees to the hook shank and apply cement.

4. The eyes are tied Clouser style, (figure eight) return thread back down the hook shank to the tail.

5. Tie in the Estaz and hackle feather at the tail. Wind the Estaz to a point about 1/8' behind the eyes, tie it off, palmer the hackle feather forward and tie it off at the same point.

6. Tie in head color Estaz behind the eyes and take two or three turns around the hook shank behind the eyes. Take the Estaz over the top of the eyes (remember this pattern rides hook point up) around the front of the eyes and whip finish.

7. Turn the fly over and trim the hackle flat on the bottom, careful not to cut too deep into the Estaz on the bottom.

Fishing Suggestions:

Capt. Paul Darby
The Dawg is best fished for Red Drum, Black Drum, Pompano on the bottom with short quick 3 - 6 inch strips with a slight pause between strips. When sight fishing I've found the closer the fish gets to the fly, the slower and shorter strip seems to keep their attention, down to a one or two inch strip - if not a full stop. I have hooked Black and Red Drum both under the chin while they rested on top inspecting the fly. As well as the above mentioned species, the Dawg has caught Ladyfish, Black Snapper, Sheepshead, Pinfish, Hardtails, Bluefish and Spanish Mackeral. Give it a try next time you're out stalking the salt. ~ Capt. Paul Darby (aka "qrrfish1")

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