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Alpha - Omega
Alpha - Omega
By Robert D. Farrand, Birch Run MI ("wetfoot")

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Alpha - Omega

This fly is nice and easy to tie, which is important because when you're fishing for steelhead you can easily loose 2 dozen flies a day. My fishing partner and I have had good success with this fly the last couple of years that we've fished with it. The reason I've named this fly Alpha-Omega is because it's the first fly I tie on when I get to the river and the last I tie on before I call it a day.


    Hooks:  Mustad 3906B or 7957BX (if you can still find them) or any 1X long wet fly hook.

    Thread:  To match body, 3/0.

    Underbody:  Yarn your choice of color (remember, larva lace is semi-tranparent so you can see the color of the yarn underneath.

    Body:  Larva Lace or Swannundaze your choice of color.

    Thorax: : Meduim Chenille your choice of color.

    Hackle:  Saddle hackle. Barred yellow, barred brown, barred green, or grizzly your choice (I like barred saddle hackle especially for this fly).

Tying Steps:

Fishing the Alpha - Omega

Most commonly these flies are drifted close to the bottom of the river, in the steelhead strike zone which makes the chances of snags greatly increased. My fishing partner Red and I, have caught numerous Steelhead on the AuSable River in Michigan with this fly, so if you see Red and me fishing on the river don't say you saw this fly on the internet - I'm supposed to keep it a trade secret. ~ Robert D. Farrand

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