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Quad Wing Spent Caddis(Cheumatopsyche)
By Carl Richards and Bob Braendle

Female caddisflies die after ovipositing and once their muscles have relaxed they offer a distinct and large silhouette, and an easy meal. They are taken during the night and early in their morning. The problem with tying spent caddis is similar to tying adults, the wings need translucency and a sharp silhoutte. [This specifically is the Little Olive Caddis, tie to match your local caddis.]

Materials List:

    Hook size:   Tiemco 100, sizes 18 - 20.

    Body:   Green spun fur or synthetic dubbing.

    Wing:   Partridge body feathers.

    Legs:   Tan hackle.

    Head:   Black thread.

Tying Instructions:

1. Dub the body two thirds up the hook shank.

2. Tie in two partridge feathers pointing back so that the nearest edge of the feather is close to, if not touching the body.

3. Tie-in slightly larger wings and figure-eight around them to make them perpendicular to the hook shank.

4. Wrap three turns of dry fly hackle between the front and rear wing.

5. Wrap the head. Tie off and cement. ~ Carl Richards and Bob Braendle

Notes on this Fly:

Publisher's Note: While some will claim the spent caddis is not important as trout food, keep in mind caddis are one of the most available trout foods from coast to coast. It does need to be fished late or very early morning.

Credits: Excerpt from Caddis Super Hatches, by Carl Richards and Bob Braendle, published by Frank Amato Publications.

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