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Yellow Screemer
By Jason L. Butcher (WV browntrout)

This is a pattern I thought up one day at work, while thinking about fishing. It is very effective for trout and bass, and I tie it in a variety of colors, sometimes using white mallard duck side feathers, instead of yellow.

Materials for the Yellow Screemer

    Hook: Mustad 9672 #10 Streamer Hook.

    Thread: 6/0 Yellow Thread.

    Body & Tail: Yellow Small-Micro Chenille.

    Wing: Dyed Yellow Mallard Duck Side Feather.

Instructions for the Yellow Screemer:

1. Prepare two yellow mallard duck side feathers, a large one and a smaller one. BE SURE to keep the underbody you strip away from the feathers.

2. Wrap thread to bend of the hook. Tie in a piece of micro chenille and make about a three inch loop. Then tie off.
*hint, strip away the chenille, down to the cord where you tie the chenille off. This will keep your fly from appearing bulky in that area.

3. Tie in one single strand of chenille, directly on top of the loop of chenille that you just tied on.

4. Turn the hook around in your vice. Pull the chenille out straight and wrap your thread around the chenille about of the way. Wrap the thread back to the bend of the hook.

5. Tie in the larger mallard side feather, and wrap hackle style, flaring out the fibers as you go. Tie off, and instead of cutting off the extra fibers, bend them back towards the tail, and tie off.

6. Pull all mallard side feather fibers back towards the tail and tie off. Dub the bottom half of the body with the underbody of the mallard side feathers. Tie in a piece of chenille and use for the upper half of the body.

7. Tie in the smaller mallard side feather behind the eye of the hook. Tie in and wrap hackle style. Tie off, bend all fibers towards the tail, and tie off. Whip finish.

8. Trim the tail as shown below (three different lengths).

~ Jason L. Butcher

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