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A Simple Dry/Emerger
By Donald Nicolson, Scotland

This is a fly I have been tying recently, after reading an article by Bob Wyatt in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying. It was not a new fly to me as I had been using bottom trimmed Grey Dusters for some time but the idea of using a curved grub hook made it into an excellent emerger.

Materials for the Simple Dry/Emerger

    Hook: Size 14 TMC 2487.

    Thread: Yellow UTC 70.

    Rib: Yellow UTC 70.

    Body: Hare's Ear dubbing.

    Hackle: Hackle - Cree cock (Metz). Larger than would normally be used for a 14 hook.

Instructions for the Simple Dry/Emerger:

1. Wind thread down hook from eye to a point round the bend, leaving a long end for a rib.

2. Dub on H.E. and rib, to the point shown in picture, leaving room for hackle.

3. Tie in hackle at the eye and wind thread back to dubbing.

4. Wind hackle in close turns back to dubbing, tie down and carefully wind thread back through hackle to eye. Complete head and cement.

5. Trim hackle back to dark centre as shown. Either cut out a V shape or flat as you prefer.

Notes from Donald:

The above pattern is only for the fly shown, any variation is possible, except that a hackle with a dark centre is better, giving the impression of a dark thorax. i.e. Badger, Furnace, Greenwell etc. and using larger hackle than graded for the hook, makes it more visible on the water.

It is a non-specific pattern although I had the 'March Brown' in mind when I tied it.

If, for example a dun or another light coloured hackle were used, a thorax of mole or something similar could be tied in, although I prefer the use of dark centred hackles as this cuts down on the material list, and it is meant to be an easy and simple fly. It is not exactly a fly for a tying competition but the trout don't notice. ~ Donald Nicolson, Scotland

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