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BY Bugger
By Warren Patterson (WarrenP)

With all the latest rage on using Boa Yarn for fly tying, I decided to submit by BY Bugger, with the BY standing for Boa Yarn. Another variation.

Materials for the BY Bugger:

    Hook: Mustad #9672 Streamer hook in size #10.

    Thread: Uni-Thread - brown - 8/0.

    Tail: Tan Marabou with 3-4 strands of copper colored flash material.

    Weight: 7-8 wraps of #25 lead wire (optional).

    Body: Tan/Brown Boa Yarn trapped in a tying thread loop.

Tying Instructions for BY Bugger:

    1. Hook, with thread wraps, weight, marabou tail and flash material.

    2. Boa Yarn trapped inside a dubbing thread loop. Hint - it is easier to keep Boa Yarn inside the thread loop if you wax the single thread, stick the Boa Yarn to the thread and then make the thread loop. Your bobbin should be run to the front of the fly just behind the hook eye at this time.

    3. Cut the sewn edge on the Boa Yarn off so only the yarn fibers remain inside the thread loop.

    4. Spin the thread loop tight to trap the yarn fibers in the thread loop.

    5. Wrap the thread loop, with Boa Yarn trapped in it, to the front. Stroke the fibers back on each wrap. Tie off behind eye, do whip finish and apply head cement to whip finish.

Now take it fishing and let me know how it does.

~ WarrenP

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