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EZ Foam Bug
By Bill Pitts, Ocean Shores, WA

My brother and I were heading off to the river one morning so I tied up a few of these to try. Mainly because they were fast to tie, durable, easy to see on a dark or light background, and worked well as an all purpose fly that could imitate many things. It worked well so I figured I would share it.

Materials for the EZ Foam Bug

    Thread - White 8/0 or 6/0 colored to match.

    Hook - #16 dry fly (Daiichi 1180).

    Body - Scintilla "caliente" #24 prettier peacock dubbing.

    Wing case - Tan 2mm craft foam.

    Wing - Golden pheasant.

Instructions for the EZ Foam Bug:

1. Thread the hook.

2. Dub body.

3. Like so.

4. Tie in wings.

5. Tie in the foam facing toward the front of the fly.

6. A little more dubbing.

7. Fold the foam back.

8. Trim.

9. Pick out the dubbing under the foam.

10. This is how the fly worked for me.

I usually fish this fly dead drift, in the surface film ~ Bill Pitts

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