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The Pink Pearl
By Pete Hiatt

This is one of the great steelhead colors.

Materials for the Pink Pearl:

    Hook: Red Size 4 T10-6H Gamakatsu hook.

    Tail: Marabout fluff from base of a white chicken feather.

    Body: Pink yarn and Hedron Holographic Body Dubbing.

    Collar: Pink or red and white hackle.

    Underwing: Mixed white and pink marabou.

    Wing: Natural white polar bear hair (or substitute).

    Sides: Pink Crystal Flash.

Tying Instructions for the Pink Pearl:

    1. We start with a red Size 4 T10-6H Gamakatsu hook. We add the marabou fluff from the base of a white chicken feather as the tail.

    2. Next, we form the body with yarn and cover that with Hedron's holographic body dubbing material.

    3. Next we apply a pink hackle collar or a red and a white hackle collar.

    4. Now we add a mixed white and pink marabou underwing, then add the top wing of natural polar bear hair. (Substitute if you aren't able to find legal polar bear hair.)

    5. Finalize with some pink Crystal Flash along the sides.

The pink has long been a favorite for steelhead in crystal clear waters. ~ Whopper Bubba

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