Blue Dragon Fly
By John Eaton, (bassman)

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All of the material in this fly was not intended for fly tying. I try to teach my tying students to look at most everything they see as potential fly tying material. I want to give credit to RickZ, for his idea of using the Non Slip Shelving Material for Fly Tying.


    Hook: Eagle Claw L052 #6 or equivalent style

    Thread: Medium Blue Sewing Thread.

    Body: Blue Non Slip Shelf Material 12 sections for each fly.

    Head: Last 2 section of Body Material doubled under next two sections.

    Wings: Whisper Wrapping material folded in half then cut to shape by hand.

    Coat top and bottom body and head with SHHAN.


      1 - Make a thread base on hook, start behind eye and go to right above the point of the hook, then back to just behind the eye.

      2 - Fold under the first to sections of the body material to form the head wrap the thread between each section back to the point of the hook then wrap back to just behind the 3rd section. Try to keep your wraps between the humps.

      3 - Tie in one set of wings with figure 8 wraps, advance thread to behind hump number two. Tie in this set of wings with figure 8 wraps

      4 - Advance thread behind the first hump and tie off.

      5 - Coat back and bottom of fly with Sally Hansens Hard As Nails.

    This is an easy fly to tie and fish. I cast it out let it sit a bit then twitch it a little. ~ bassman (John Eaton)

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