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Paul's Polafibre Minnow
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Paul's Polafibre Minnow
By Paul Van Reenen

Polafibre in a short time has become the benchmark material for Sandeels, Spearing, Bay Anchovies and is the basis of the super minnow - Paul's Polafibre Minnow. Polafibre is soft and great to work with. It takes on a natural taper when tied in, giving a 360 degree shape. Should you want a full length fly with a slender belly section, all you do is pull out the base fibres closest to the stitched patch. Alternatively you may wish to tie a small one inch baitfish. To do this you hold onto the base fibres and keep pulling out the tail until the desired length is attained. Now you thin out the base to achieve the kind of bulk you desire.


Hook:   Your choice, this fly is tied on a saltwater hook 34007.

Thread:   To match body.

Beard:  Optional but recommended, Fluorofibre Comes Alive, Silver or Pearl.

Gills:  Fluorofibre red.

Underbody:  White Polafibre (Polar Bear).

Body:   Coloured Polafibre toppings to match the bait you wish to imitate.

Eyes:  3D eyes keeping fish head size proportional.

Additional:  Softex, Z-Poxy other similiar product.


Tying Steps:

1. Tie in Fluorofibre gills.

2. Tie in white Polafibre Body top above hook barb. Make sure to tie neatly and not overdone.

3. Add Fluorofibre Beard now (optional but recommended), Comes Alive silver or pearl top, tie in front of body material towards hook eye.

4. Add the colour toppings to match your desired bait, tied towards hook eye. Do not over-wrap with thread. The head finish of Z-Poxy or Softex will make it bullet proof.

5. Glue 3D eyes above hook point or where they look best. Remember you are doing a bait fish not a worm.

6. Now Z-Poxy or Softex the entire head in a crescent back to where the gills would be. Make sure of the symmetry and notice that I barely catch the material on the final tie. This leaves a sloping head ALL the way to the hook eye. This cement system will leave you with a head as tough as an army boot!

7. Add marker pen (i.e. tinker mackerel) if you like.

8. To add bars: Cut the nib off a SHARPIE marker with a SHARP blade. You want a chisel point not a round point. Now with the fly in the vice, hold the materials close to the head and start dabbing on the marks with a ZIG-ZAG motion, as you go, slide your hand back to the tail of the fly. This keeps the fibres taught for you to mark. ~ Paul van Reenen


Here are some variations of the same fly:

About Paul:

Paul van Reenen Paul is more than President of Success Flies and Unfair Advantage Materials - he's an avid fly fisherman, and accomplished tyer with many innovative patterns utilising his materials to his credit (Now on video). They form part of Paul's Evolution Series of fly patterns. Some others include Paul's Kinkyfibre Minnow, Paul's Spearing, Paul's Crab, Paul's Spoon Shrimp, Paul's Lady Fly Series, Paul's Jamm Head Mullet, Paul's Better Bendback, Paul's Assassin. For more of his patterns visit his Fly Box on his website . Paul splits his time between Sebastian FL and South Africa with his wife and four children.

Paul does not sell his materials to the retail market, but you can purchase them on-line from Floyd's Flies ~ DLB

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