Christopher River King

By Paul Smith, Manteca, CA

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I've been tying the River King for about 8 years. It used to be called just Paul's Salmon Fly, but in 2002 I became a grandfather. My son named him Christopher River, so I renamed the fly to Christopher River King. It's a great salmon fly.

Dressing for the Christopher River King:

    Hook: Gamakatsu B10S, size 2/0

    Stinger Hook: Red octopus, size 2.

    Thread: Flymaster Plus 210 denier.

    Lead or Lead Free Wire: 030

    Crystal Flash: Pearl.

    Flashabou: (6905)

    Hot Glue: Color of your choice.

    Marabou Blood Quill: Color of your choice.

    Rabbit Fur: Cross Cut Zonker Strips, color your choice.

Method for the Christopher River King:

    1. Snell a size 2 Red Octopus hook with 30# test mono.

    2. Tie 2 skeins McFly foam yarn to bottom of hook. Use white thread or matching yarn color.

    3. Tie 3 skeins of yarn to top of hook.

    4. Pull yarn tight and cut to form egg.

    5. Use Gamakatsu hook (b10s) size 2/0. With a hot glue gun make egg for head of fly.

    6. Lay down a layer of thread on the hook, full length. Secure mono to hook, wrapping tight. Cement may be added.

    7. Tie on 15-20 strands of Pearl Krystal flash. Wrap on 20 turns .030 lead wire.

    8. Tie on 15-20 strands of Pearl Krystal flash. Wrap on 20 turns .030 lead wire.

    9. Palmer Marabou Quill.

    10. Tie on 15-20 strands of Pearl Flashabou (6905).

    11. Tie on a cross-cut zonker strip. Color of choice.

    12. Palmer zonker strip to back of egg. Whip finish. Complete!

~ Paul Smith

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