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Royal Spey
By Ray Bradley (GreyGhost), Milwaukie, OR

Spey flies are a very old type of fly which continue to gain converts wherever they are fished.

Materials for the Royal Spey

    Hook: Partridge cs10, 1 to 1/0.

    Thread: 8/0 claret.

    Tag: Medium gold oval tinsel.

    Body: 60% purple flash dubbing and 40% pink seal dubbing, hand mixed.

    Ribbing: Gold wire size 32, purple glass beads size 16 and medium oval tinsel.

    Spey Hackle: Whitings claret spey hackle.

    Collar: Purple guinea fowl.

    Wing: Natural bronze mallard.

Instructions for the Royal Spey:

1. Wrap the thread to the back of the hook. Tie in the oval tinsel. Wrap the tinsel forward 3 or 4 turns and tie off, leaving enough to use as a rib.

2. Tie in the gold wire and beads at this point. (Note: String the beads on the wire using twice the length of wire as needed so you can use the long tag for a rib to hold down the spey hackle.)

3. Dub your thread and/or use a dubbing loop to place your dubbing on the hook. Bring it forward to within 1/4 inch of the hooks eye.

4. Wrap the oval gold tinsel forward followed by the strung glass beads and tie off in front of the dubbing.

5. Tie in the spey feather wrapping back and using the gold wire, bring forward and wrap over the spey hackle. Tie in the guinea as a collar.

6. Trim the top of the fly and collar. Tie in the bronze mallard wings. (I do this one at a time, setting the far wing first, then the close wing. Some like to set both wings at the same time. I recommend you do what feels the best for you.)

7. Construct a small tapered head. Whip finish and coat the head for the best look.

Tying Tip:

When using glass beads as a rib, use 2 times the length of wire ribbing in the size you will use as the tie down rib for the spey feather to string your beads. This will help hold the beads and wire rib in at the tie-in point.

How to Fish the Royal Spey

This spey fly is fished like another speys, that is, down and across. ~ RB

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