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CDC Holographic Suspending Midge
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CDC Holographic Suspending Midge
Flies and Photos by Martin Westbeek, Oisterwijk, Netherlands

There are midges in almost any water, so a few midge patterns are something we should not be without. This emerging midge has several pluses. It's easy to tie, strong, and the amount of CDC used allows us to suspend the midge below or in the surface film. In the latter case the tuft of CDC makes the midge very visible, even at a distance. For the body I used Gudebrod Elektra braid, but of course you can use any material you like: floss, thread, a thin wire rib . . .I also tried V-rib for the body, but the body turned out just a little too fat and heavy. So use your favorite material for the body, and as long as you keep it light and thin you really can't go wrong.

Materials: CDC Holographic Suspending Midge

    Hook:  TMC 2487 #16.

    Thread:  8/0 grey (or red).

    Body:  Gudebrod Electra Braid hologram black (or red).

    Thorax:   Hare's Ear grey (or red seal).

    Wings:  (breathers) White CDC.

Tying Steps:

1. Start the thread and take it down well into the bend of the hook. Tie in one strand of the flat braid; 3" will do.

2. Take the thread 2/3 towards the eye and wrap the body with the hologram strand. If your vise is a rotary vise, this is the time to use the feature.

3. Tie off and cut off the strand, wrap the thread towards the eye; stop at a distance of 2 - 3 wraps before you reach the eye.

4. Take a white CDC feather with long barbs, pull them away from the stem at a straight angle and tear them off. Don't cut the barbs from the stem, or you will end up with a loose bunch of CDC, which is hard to handle. When you tear them off, part of the central stem will come off too, which helps the barbs stay together. Tie in the CDC extending over the hook eye, and pull them forward as far as you can. Secure with one tight wrap.

5. Take the thread back three wraps, cut the butt ends of the CDC.

6/7. Pull the CDC tuft back, but make sure that a loop of 1/6" extends over the eye. Make two wraps, pull any remaining CDC barbs forward over the eye and secure.

8/9. Take the thread to where the body ends, dub some Hare's Ear to the thread, and make a fluffy thorax, taking the dubbing towards the eye.

10. Pull the CDC bubble back and whip finish, cut off the thread and stroke the thorax and CDC back towards the eye. A variation with a bright thorax is shown below.

~ Martin Westbeek

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