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Tak's Biot Midge Adult
Text and photos by Jeremy Barela Custom Flies

This is the fourth in a series of flies representing the life cycle of the midge, Diptera, family Chironomidae. It is claimed Diptera are the most numerious and widely distributed of all insects available to all freshwater fish.

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Materials for the Tak's Biot Midge Adult

    Hook: Daiichi 1130 #18-28.

    Thread: White 8/0.

    Rib: XX fine Lagarten Silver wire.

    Body: Black thread.

    Wing: White goose biot.

    Legs: Dun hackle.

Instructions for the Tak's Biot Midge Adult:

    1. Start thread behind eye and wrap back to halfway point of hook.

    2. Tie in silver wire and wrap thread back to above the barb.

    3. Wrap thread back up to thorax area and follow with silver wire, making a nice ribbed body.

    4. Tie in white goose biot to fit the size of pattern you are tying. The biot should not go past the hook. Trim the excess biot.

    5. Tie in dunn hackle.

    6. Wrap hackle around 3-4 times to create the legs. Tie off the hackle and trim the excess.

    7. Whip finish a small head. ~ Jeremy

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