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March Brown PITA*
By Allan Podell (tyeflies), NY

I am not claiming to be the originator of this style. On the contrary, I'm sure other tiers have tied flies like this for a long time. I also cannot claim anything whatsoever about the 'fish catching ability' of the style since I have yet to actually use it. I am claiming three things: l) This style can be applied to most mayflies (size dependant, perhaps); 2) I like the look of it; and 3) It is a Pain In The A$$ to tie, (PITA*).

March Brown PITA

    Hook: Tiemco 400T.

    Thread: Orange (although I used yellow on some of the steps).

    Tail: Brown Microfibbets.

    Wing: White Hi-Vis (stained is optional).

    Hackle Post: 30# monofilament.

    Body: Appropriate sandy dubbing.

    Hackle: Brown & Grizzly.

    Other: Crazy Glue.

Instructions for the March Brown PITA:

    1. Start thread near bend. Apply a tiny bead of dubbing and wrap in at bend of shank. Tie in microfibbet tails (I've used 2 on each side) so that they extend out like outriggers.

    2. Wrap thread to about 1/8 inch from eye. Tie in a bunch of Hi-Vis for the wing. Make sure the wing is perpendicular to the shank.

    3. Flip hook over and tie in a 1 inch piece of 30# monofilament directly opposite the wing. Prior to tying it in you should crimp down the end and bend at a 45 degree angle. This will make tying in easier. Wrap the monofilament in position and apply a tiny amount of Crazy Glue to the base. Allow to dry then cut the post so that about l/2 inch remains.

    4. Apply and wrap dubbing up to the post.

    5. a) Attach hackle(s) securely to the hook directly behind the post. Trim butts.

    b) Apply some more dubbing and wrap behind and in front of post.

    c) Wind hackle(s) around post. Trim hackle tip(s) and tie off with secure knot.

    6. a) Place the thin metal shield (see below) over the hackle and apply some pressure.

    b) Ignite the top of the monofilament with a match and, when the flaming ball reaches the shield, place something on top of it to put it out. This will create a mushroom shape to keep the hackle in place.

    c) Apply a tiny amount of head cement around the stem of the monofilament and to the head of the fly.

    d) Take the fly out of the vise, flip it over and reinsert it in the vise.

    e) Trim wing to shape (coloring with marker optional) There you have it. ~ AP

How to Fish the March Brown PITA

This fly is designed as a dry fly, however, Allan has yet to fish it at this writing. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you? Call it "scientific research" or experimental fly tying...

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