Green Skating Caddis
By Juan Jose Serra, Patagonia, Argentina

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Here is another of the very productive flies I use in Patagonia, Argentina, a caddis imitation that I cast in big rivers and bocas (mouth), to tempt the very big browns and rainbows. I use it in the Atlantic Salmon and steelhead style, waked or skatted on the surface; playing with the currents, the wind, the rod tip and the line.

Not many anglers know the technique here. I noticed several years ago that when no other flies work (streamers or dead drift dries), this big caddis "running" on the surface is an amazing option, it makes the lazy monster that's resting deep, rise like a rocket. Of course, based on the original EHC, I changed the dubbing body to foam and two stiff hackles like the Bomber, instead of just one for better floation. Then I trim the base, flat "like a tooth brush," and we have a real surface-runner fly.

Materials for the Green Skating Caddis:

    Hook:Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp LO59S #6

    Thread: Ultra Thread waxed

    Body: Green (brown or yellow) foam strip.

    Rib: Thin Gold wire.

    Flash: Krystal Flash green, 4 – 6 strands.

    Hackle: Two grizzly rooster feathers, palmered together.

    Wing: Elk body hair.

~ Juan Jose Serra (Rocketfish) Patagonia, Argentina

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