Bead Bodied Woolly Bugger
by Rick Zieger, Iowa

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This is a fly that I try often when the water is very muddy. It moves a lot of water and seems to help attract fish with their lateral line. Do this in different colors and with different beads as it is a style more than an exact pattern.


    Hook: Hook size 6 or larger

    Thread: whatever

    Tail: marabou color of choice.

    Underbody Yarn like material

    Beads: size and color of choice.

    Body: Chenille color of choice, or two colors

    Hackle: long and wide.

    1. Start thread on hook and wind to bend.

    2. Wrap underbody to fill in the spaces between each of the beads.

    3. Tie the beads on each size with several wraps that are not to tight.

    4. Tie in the tail.

    5. Tie in the chenille and hackle. Wrap the body or weave the body.

    6. Palmer the hackle up the body. And tie it off.

    7. Here is another with a single color of chenille for the body.

    ~ Rick

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