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Fly Tying Terms

1. Place the hook in the vice and make a thread base by wrapping 3/4 of the way up the hook shank and back stopping just before the barb.

2. Tie in your selected color of zonker strip with several wraps.

3. Firmly pull the zonker strip back over itself and lash this down on top of the first tie in area and lash down. Then wrap the thread forward to the just shy of the 3/4 section.

4. Palmer the zonker strip forward and tie off with several wraps.

5. Tie in a marabou by the tip and make 3 to 4 turns trim and tie off.

6. Tie in the second piece of marabou by the tip, make 3-4 turns trim and tie off.

7. Tie in a mallard flank feather by the tip make 3-4 turns trim and tie off.

8. I like to use a rump feather from a golden pheasant for the last collar as seen here. Tie in by the tip and make 3-4 turns trim and tie off.

9. It's time to add flash. Take your thread and wrap half way between the eye and your last material tie in point. Take your flashabou and fold them around your tying thread as seen here.

10. Take your thread and start a wrap while holding on to the flash material this will place it directly on top of the hook shank. This also divides the material in half to be tied equally on both sides. Tie in and trim just a bit longer than the tail of the fly.

11. It's time to select some deer hair.

12. The spinning of the head I usually finish in 3-4 stacks. Trim, comb, and stack some deer hair to make a collar and tie in. After tying in the first stack wrap your thread through and tie off with a half hitch ready for the second stack. Repeat for the rest of the shank until reaching the eye of the hook.

13. It's time for a hair cutt grab your preferred razor blade.

14. I finish the trimming with the razor blade in two cuts. The first one is on the bottom. A couple of hints for trimming deer hair.

    1. Make sure the blade is sharp.

    2. When trimming the hair you want to push the blade through the hair for an even trim. A sawing motion will make the cut uneven.

15. Flip the fly upside down in the vice, if you have rotary this makes things alot easier.

16. After the first cut.

17. Flip the fly back over right side up for the second cut, and hold your razor blade as seen here. Make sure to hold the blade on the outside edges these things are sharp. (You can cover the outside edge with making tape.)

18. Start at the nose of the fly and push the blade through the hair stopping short of the collar.

19. The fly after the second cut. This is where I will clean things up with my scissors.

20. A school of Nutcrackers.

~ Seege613

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