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Blond Wulff
By Fly and Photos by Martin Westbeek
Oisterwijk, Netherlands

Materials Blond Wulff

    Thread: 8/0, grey

    Hook: TMC 100, #10-16

    Tail: Bleached Elk

    Body: Yellow thread 6/0

    Hackle: Light, here Silver Saddle Badger

    Wing: Bleached Elk

Tying Instructions: Blond Wulff:

1. Lay a thread base on the hook shank and tie the Elk on top of the hook.

2. Divide the wing, wrap thread around the base of each wing.

3. Tie in tail.

4. Tie in yellow thread behind the wing, wrap to tail and back up again.

5. Tie in hackle, dull side up. Note the bare stem at tie-in point and thread slope to the eye.

6. Wrap hackle (3x behind and 3x in front of wing, whip finish and varnish head. ~ Martin

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