Fly Angler's OnLine "Fly of the Week #2"

Lefty's Deceiver

(September 8-14, 1997)

Lefty's Deceiver


TMC811S, sizes 2-4/0.


Fluorescent green single strand nylon floss.

"The fly can be tied in many ways. The Lefty's Deceiver is not really a strict pattern but a method of tying. It can have various shapes, lengths, and colors. The fly can be tied as short as two inches and lon ger than a foot for billfish, amberjack, and other species demanding a large offering. It can be tied in a bend-back fashion or with the hook reversed. It has caught everything from striped bass to baramundi and billfish. To get full benefit from the Lef ty's Deceiver, you need to analyze what you are trying to do and match the type of fly to the conditions." -Lefty Kreh

From: Fly Patterns of Umpqua Feather Merchants, by Randall Kaufmann. Copyright 1995 by Randall Kaufmann. Published by Umpqua Feather Merchants, Glide, OR. Reprinted with permission of Randall Kaufmann and Umpqua Feather Merchants.


White hackle (6) and pearl Accent Flash.


Tying thread.


Green bucktail, top; white bucktail bottom.


Red Accent Flash.


Painted white with black pupils. Note: the materials in the fly dressing are given in the order that they are tied onto the hook. This is not necessarily the order in which they are wrapped around the hook or positioned in their final form.
Tying Instructions:

  1. Tie in hackles, 6 to 8 depending on hook size, toward the rear of the hook. On each side of the hook, over the hackles, tie several strands of pearl Accent Flash, roughly half the length of the hackles.

  2. Wrap thread toward eye leaving 3/16", wrap back to hook shank and back to the eye again.

  3. Build a collar of bucktail, (calf tail, polar bear or maribou can also be used) with the green on top and the white on the bottom distributing the hair evenly all around the hook shank.

  4. Tie in red Accent Flash, 8 strands long enough to just touch the point of the hook, forming a throat patch.

  5. Wrap tying thread, or mono to form a small pea-shaped head in the 3/16 " space reserved at the eye.

  6. Paint eye white with small black pupils. -DB

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