"Terra's Revenge"
Created and Tied by Mike Lum
Photos by Jim Birkholm

Thanks for use permission!

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Terra's Revenge

Here is a fly from Ennis Montana, tied for late summer. The tier is Mike Lum at the Madison River Fishing Company. Try it in your favorite water.

Materials List:
Hook: TMC 5212, 2xL - 1xFine.
Thread: Tan, size 6/0.
Body: Tan Superfine Dubbing.
Legs: Small black rubber.
Thorax: Tan Superfine Dubbing.
Head/collar: Tan closed cell foam.

Tying Instructions:

1. Attach thread 1/3 hook shank length back from eye, wrap back to bend. Dub tapered body 2/3 hook shank length forward.

Step 1

2. Stack a 1/2 pencil sized clump of hollow bleached deer hair, tie in just longer than body - tent wing style - trim butts.

Step 2

3. Tie in strip of closed cell foam with long end out over the eye of the hook.

Step 3

4. Tie in small black rubber legs, two on each side.

Step 4

5. Dub over foam to form thorax.

Step 5

6. Fold foam over back to form head or collar, tie off.

Step 6

7. Trim legs.

Finished Fly

We found Mike Lum in Ennis Montana, at the Madison River Fishing Company. He is also an accomplished caster, guide, and instructor in their Fly Fishing School. They have the largest selection of fly tying materials we have ever seen in one place.

This is the Place

For more information, or to request a catalog contact Mike at the Madison River Fishing Company Ennis, Montana. They have a toll-free number too, 1-800-227-7127.~DB

Fishing the Fly

Fish this fly as you would any hopper or other terrestrial pattern. Tight to the banks and either dead drifted or with slight twitches. For late summer on the Madison, try it out in the middle in the deeper green slots. Bigger fish will usually seek the cooler depths and shelter from the bank-side boat lanes and will come up through amazingly deep water to take this pattern.~Mike Lum

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