Fly Angler's OnLine "Fly of the Week #35"


by Al Campbell
April 27th, 1998
Photo Copyright ©1998 Al Campbell
Thanks for use permission.
Materials List:

Hook: MUSTAD 94840 or TMC100, Size 12-18.
Thread: 8/0, tan or bright red.
Body: Course dubbing, tan to cinnamon, (I prefer cinnamon).
Rib: None (fine gold or copper wire if desired).
Hackle: Soft gray hen hackle.

Soft hackle flies are nymph imitations. Use of the hen hackle, (soft hackle) gives more life to the fly as it is fished. The hackle moves like the legs of an insect, and looks like real food to the fish.

Tying Instructions:

  1. Dub a medium body.

  2. Tie on a soft hen hackle, curvature toward the bend of the hook.

  3. Wrap hackle so that the barbules extend toward the back of the fly.

  4. Tie off hackle and secure while holding hackle back.

  5. Use thread to tie some of the hackle back to form a swept hackle.

  6. Whip finish and cement.-AC

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