Fly Angler's OnLine "Fly of the Week #31"

Oyster Cracker

by Norm Trout
April 1st, 1998
Oyster Cracker
Photo Copyright ©1998 Mike Croft
Thanks for use permission.


34011 or substitute any 2x long shank hook.




Long white Belly hair from virgin Jackalope crystal flash (pearl).

Lateral line:

White hackle dyed same as above.


Top and bottom beak from common starling.


Dyed grizzly (2/3 wood duck 1/3 yellow ocher).


Two eyes from road killed toad. If available, use old road kill because the eyes are usually flatter.
Tying Instructions:

  1. Place hook in vise.

  2. Mix jackalope hair with pearl flashabou and seperate into three clumps. Tie first clump under the shank at the bend of the hook. Second bunch at mid point of the shank,also under the hook. Tie in third clump just back of where the beak will go.

  3. Gills optional. If you want these then tie them in just in front of the third clump of jackalope hair.

  4. Attach four dyed grizzly, two on each side and veil with two hackles for lateral line.

  5. Attach bottom beak of starling and then attach top beak. Note: some triming of the beaks may be neccessary to fit (see photo).

  6. Attach eyes with super glue and five minute epoxy over head.

"Tying Tip"

As these small fish feed on small oysters you need to fish them shallow. The biologists studying these in Salt Lake (Utah) believe they are feeding on small inland clams since there are no oysters in Salt Lake. ~ NT

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