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The Spirit
The Spirit Fly
By Wolfgang von Malottke
Photos by the author

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If you are new to tying Atlantic Salmon Flies, there is a graphic with each of the individual parts shown at the bottom of the page. We thank Professor Ezequiel Theodoro da Silva, and the Brazilian website Fishing World for use permission.

The Spirit Fly

This fly is from William Blacker`s book Art of Fly Making(1855), and it`s one of my favourites, because of the colors and low profile style. I`m also sure that it must be an excellent fishing fly on high and dirty rivers.

Blacker says
"The name of The Spirit Fly is a consequence of its numerously jointed body, its fanciful, florid and delicate apperance..."

The dressing instruction is as follows:

Tag: Narrow flat gold tinsel, I use a nr:18 oval and rip it up, because of the color and it`s much softer than the flat ones, and claret silk.
Tail: Gold pheasant crest.
Butt: Black Ostrich herl.
Body: In five equal sections orange silk butted a small section of narrow gold tinsel (flat). I use the same technique as in the tag, a red cock hackle, small in the back and larger and larger to the front, and black herl.
Throat: A deep blue hackle.
Wing: Six toppings or more with a Amherst topping on top. This is a difficult part of the dressing, be sure you get them all on top of each other. I have no trick for it, just be careful and take your time.
Sides: A broad strip of barred Summer Duck on each side, if it`s possible the whole length of the wing (the fly on the pictures is a 7/0 that`s why it maybe looks short.).
Cheeks: A Cock of the rock on each side (it`s not on the pictures), and Kingfisher.
Horns: Blue and yellow Macaw.
Head: Black.

If you have any questions about materials, patterns or whatever, email me!! ~Wolfgang von Malottke

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