Fly Angler's OnLine "Fly of the Week #11"

Clouser Swimming Nymph

(November 9th-16th, 1997)

Clouser Swimming Nymph

Thanks to Umpqua Feather Merchants for use permission.


TMC 3761, sizes 8-10, weighted.


Fluorescent fire orange, 6/0.


Rusty claret Antron.


Brown rabbit and copper Flashabou.


Mottled dark brown hen saddle, palmered.




Rusty claret Antron (same as Abdomen). Nice Carp

"This is THE fly, our #1 producer. It has fooled a lot of carp, and Brad and I almost always make our first casts with this fly. Depending on color, the Clouser Swimming Nymph imitates leeches, damselfly nymphs, dragonfly nymphs, fleeing soft-shell crayfish, or even small baitfish and tadpoles. In addition to the rusty version shown here, consider try ing some Clousers in olive, black, and gold. Fish this fly deep. Fish this fly shallow. Fish it slow. Fish it fast. But fish it!" -BR

Excerpt from: Carp on the Fly, A Flyfishing Guide by Barry Reynolds, Brad Befus, and John Berryman. Published by Johnson Books, Boulder Colorado.
Tying Instructions:

Mash down barb on hook and place in vise.

Weight entire hook shank with lead wire, double wrap on thorax.

Tie in about 1/6 dozen strands copper flashabou, as tail. Length=shank.

Tie in a clump of rusty brown rabbit fur, so it surrounds the flashabou. Length=shank body

Dub the abdomen.

Tie in about 4 or 5 strands of peacock herl.

Tie in a hen saddle feather.

Dub the thorax.

Wrap the hen feather forward, about 3 turns. Tie in and trim excess.

Pull the peacock herl forward as a wingcase. Tie in and trim excess.

Form neat, tapered head with tying thread.

Whip finish and cement.

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