Transparent Minnow
Text, Drawings and Flies by Ronald Leyzen, Belgium
From: Patterns of the Masters, 1995 Oregon Council, Federation of Fly Fishers

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Transparent Minnow

The pattern can be tied in different sizes and colors. It can be used as a streamer for trout, as a small minnow imitation for bonefish, as a redfish fly, etc. Good colors are silver/blue, gold/red, and pearl/green.

Materials List:

Hook:  According to the shape and size of minnow to be imitated.

Thread:  White.

Body:  Mylar piping and 5-minute or 20-minute epoxy.

Eyes:  Self-adhesive eyes.

Tail:  Marabou and frayed mylar piping.

Tying Instructions:

1. Push the hook point through the middle of a piece of mylar piping from which the center has been removed and move the mylar piping along themedium brown dubbing, after shank to the hook eye. Tie in white thread at the hook bend.

2. Tie in two tufts of marabou in suitable colors as a tail.

3. Bring one end of the mylar piping to the hook bend and with it form the back of the bait fish. Secure with tying thread. Do the same with the second end and with it form the belly of the fish. Give the back of the minnow a suitable color with a water resisting marker.

4. Whip finish and cut off the thread. Ravel out the tips of the mylar piping with a dubbing needle. Fill up the spaces between the mylar and the hook shank with epoxy, to which cut Krystal flash or Christmas glitter powder can be added, if so desired. Turn the fly regularly to avoid sagging.

5. Secure the two self-adhesive eyes and apply a second coating of epoxy over the entire body.

A Few Tips:

Epoxy can cause skin irritation with people who are sensitive to it. Try to avoid direct contact with your hands. Carefully read the instructions before you start using epoxy and immediately call a doctor in case of misapplication. Keep the epoxy well away from children. Fluid epoxy can be removed with acetone. Set epoxy is no longer susceptible to solvents and can only be abraded mechanically. Good luck and keep the paper towels within easy reach! ~ Ronald Leyzen

Here are more epoxy tips!

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