Corey's Calf Tail
By Susan Cox
Tamassee, S.C.

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Corey's Calf Tail

Southern Appalachian Dry Fly
Appalachian streams begin as little trickles high in the mountains that grow into rough tumbling waterways. Hatches are poor due to the granite base of most of the streams. Aquatic insects are relatively few and the number of species are few. Most of the dry flies you'll fish on Appalachian streams are attractors. They are designed to float in swift running water as much as to catch fish. The Corey's Calf Tail is actually a fly redesigned from a fly used in Michigan for night fishing, down sized considerably.


Hook:  #12-14 Barbless Dry Fly.

Thread:  Tan 8/0 Uni-Thread.

Wing:  Calf tail.

Tail:  Calf hair.

Body:  Yellow.

Rib:  Brown feather.

Hackle:  Brown..

Tying Instructions:

1. Tie in calf tail wing and post wings upright at the 1/3 point behind the eye of the hook.

2. Wind thread to the bend of the hook shank. Tie in calf hair tail. This should be a bushy tail, the length of the hook shank.

3. Prepare and tie in brown feather for rib.

4. Dub yellow body letting the butt ends of the wing serve as a base for a slightly tapered body.

5. Wind the brown feather 4 to 5 wraps and tie off.

6. Tie in brown hackle behind the wing. Wind it behind the wing 3 to 4 wraps then directly in front of the wing for 3 to 4 wraps.

7. Form a head. Tie off.

Fishing Suggestions:

As with any dry fly, drag is the problem. Fish this and mend your line for a long float. It works! ~ Susan Cox (aka Host Lady Jane)

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