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Green Butt Butterfly

By Leigh Anderson

Miramichi N.B., Canada.
New Brunswick Guides Association

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Green Butt Butterfly

The Butterfly was orginated by Mauice Ingalls and over the years has been modified using many variations. The Green Butt Butterfly has been a staple fly for many fishermen on the Miramichi no matter what tributary they are fishing.

Materials List:

Hook:  Number 8 Mustad (down eye.)

Thread:  Black.

Tail:  Red Hackle.

Tip:  Gold tinsel (fine.)

Butt:  Fluorescent Green Floss.

Body:  Peacock Herl.

Wing:  Calf Tail or Goat Hair or Polar Bear Hair.

Collar:  Brown Hen Hackle.

Head:  Black.

Tying the Fly:

It is important to note that if you are tying Butterflies they fish best when tied on a Down-Eye Hook. Your winds can be situated at different angles as to your own preferrence, but up here most of the Butterflies are tied either at right angles to the shank of the hook or at 45 degrees to the shank of the hook.

This is a very easy fly to tie. The only problem you may have is splitting the wings so you have the same amount of hair on both sides of the hook. I split the wings with a needle then go through the split and around the bottom on the fly on the right-hand side, then go through the split and take the thread completely around the left wing then around the bottom of the fly and up through the split and completely around the right wing.

Now tie in the hen hackle which will cover up your thread. The hackle should be tied in on the side of the head and then through the wings, around the head then back through the wings and around the head again, then tied off.

There are three things you will need to do to tie a perfect Butterfly: Practice, Practice - Practice.

Fishing the Fly:

The Butterfly is used to fish Bright Atlantic Salmon, and probably is one of the most versatile flies for fishing Salmon and Trout mainly because it can be fished wet or dry.

There is nothing as pretty as to watch someone cast a Butterfly with a number 4 or 6 pound test Maxima leader. The fly seems to take on a life of it's own. The fly will actually flutter on it's way down to meet the surface of the water much like a small Trout fly. ~ Leigh Anderson (aka Trapper)

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