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The Deer Iridescent

By Ronn Lucas, Sr.
Milwaukie, OR USA

Photo by Jim Birkholm
Cased Caddis

This Cased Caddis pattern can be tied in any color to match local naturals, could even use colored deer hair, etc.

This particular fly was tied in one step using a Nor-Vise because of it's ability to dub the coarsest materials without a dubbing loop. It takes 20 to 30 seconds to tie with this vise, a couple of minutes with a standard vise.

Materials List:

Hook: 2 or 3XL 10-14

Thread: Black 6/0.
Weight: As needed.
Case: Chopped Deer, Natural Rabbit or other "spiky" fur, even pine needles and twigs, blended and wrapped in a dubbing loop and picked out very shaggy.
Body: # 30 Med. Olive (or other color) IRIDESCENT DUBBING, 2 or 3 Turns & trimmed short.
Head/Legs: #2 Black IRIDESCENT DUBBING picked out.

Fishing the Fly:

This fly will have particular environments where it will be close to naturals that use grass, twigs, and other flotsam from the shore line. It would be fished as any dead drifted nymph through moving water. Tumble it through riffles and runs just as any nymph and in any moving water where a fish might lie. It must go through without any drag. Natural drifting caddis have no way to propel themselves and are at the mercy of the current.

It could be fished in still water but, most of us myself included, don't have the patience to drag it as slow on the bottom as a natural might crawl. If anyone tries it, let us know how it worked.

Email me for a copy of my materials catalog, and more neat fly patterns! ~ Ronn Lucas, Sr.

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