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By Jesse Miller

Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada.

The fly is called the 'Docaroo', named in tribute/honor of our dear friend and pet, Doc, who was named after the flyhook - Doc Spratley. At the time he came into the family, we owned and operated a flyshop in our area, and we thought it was only 'right' he be named accordingly. March 1st, 1999 he was killed by a careless log-truck driver, breaking out hearts - particularly mine, as he was my BEST friend and fishing partner. I miss him dearly. I felt it fitting to name a fly after him, since he was named after a fly. I've pretty much kept this fly as my 'secret weapon' when nothing else would work on lakes in our immediate area. We're located in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada. I hope your readers will have as much luck with this as I do.

Materials List:

Hook: Mustad 9672 # 8, 10 or 12
Thread: Black 3/0.
Rib: Med. copper wire.
Body: Pheasant tail fibres.
Hackle/collar: Brown rabbit fur.
Head: Peacock herl.

Tying Instructions:

1. Placing hook securely in vise, wrap tight, close wraps to bend.
2. Tie in 3 or 4 fibres from a pheasant tail, keeping the lenght approx. shank length.
3. Tie in a length of copper wire, medium or heavy, to be used as ribbing.
4. Using clumps of 12 or more fibres from a pheasant tail, tie in and begin wrapping around the shank, applying glue before each clump is wrapped. Wrap to 2/3 of shank.
5. Wind ribbing, opposite direction if so desired to help hold body intact; tie off and clip excess.
6. Comb the shorter hair and underfur from a small clump of brown rabbit fur. I use sticky wax to apply the hair to the thread. You may use a loop, although the hair may twist before you get it wrapped. Wrap ONE complete wrap of hair to form the collar/hackle. Tie off and trim excess.
7. Tie in 3-4 peacock herls, apply glue to shank and wrap herl to slightly behind the hook's eye. Tie off and trim excess.
8. Form a neat head, whip-finish and trim excess.

Fishing the Fly:

This fly is best used as you would a damsel nymph. It does not imitate any insect, yet as an attractor, works extremely well!! I wish you the best of luck with this hook. ~ Jesse Miller

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