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Miracle Bug
Miracle Bug
By Nelson Ayotte New Brunswick, Canada

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Honorable Mention the Millennium Fly Contest
Miracle Bug

Here is the Honorable Mention in the Millennium Fly Contest, Nelson Ayotte, Moncton, New Bruswick, Canada for his original Miracle Bug! We thank all who sent their fly entries! ~ JC

Materials List:

Hook:  Standard dry fly sizes 10 to 14.

Thread:  Black.

Tail:  Red hackle.

Butt:  Small fluorescent wool (yellow, green or orange.)

Body:  Green deer hair.

Hackle:  Brown or grizzy.

Tying Instructions:

1. Start thread at bend of hook.

2. Tie in tail (red hackle fibers.)

3. Tie in a small piece of fluorescent wool.

4. Tie in hackle (brown or grizzly.)

5. Spin 2-3 small bunches of green deer hair on shank, leaving enough room at the front of the hook to tie the hackle and head.

6. Clip deer hair to about 1/8th of an inch thick.

7. When deer hair is in place and trimmed, bring your hackle forward, making 4-5 turns and tie it down.

8. Tie head and cement.

9. (Optional) Place a small drop of black head cement on head.


This pattern has proven itself to be extremely effective on big, selective trout. Give it a try.

Your friendly fisherman ~ Nelson Ayotte

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