November 1st, 1999

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By Bob Stark (aka Dreamer)

A crisp fall morning, and the man is dressed in his tweed jacket and pants, pipe sticking out of his mouth and he is casting to a small pool 30 ft upstream and across the stream. He delicately lands the fly just where he wants and lets it drift across the top of the pool. Just as the fly is about to float beyond the pool a nice brown comes up, inhales the fly and the battle is on . . .

I don't know about the rest of you, but this is in my mind a lot when I am out on the stream. I am that man. However, I'm not in a tweed jacket and pants, and I don't have a pipe. But I do have my fly rod and though my casts are rarely EXACTLY placed where I want them, generally they are close enough to entice the trout to strike.

Ever since I watched my first fishing show about fly fishing I have had that little dream in my head. Or the other little dream that I have is I am on a world-class trout stream and every cast and every presentation could yield me that trout of a lifetime. Even though I'm on a small little creek in Nebraska and the largest fish that I have ever seen come out of it was a 21 inch Brown. I dream these little dreams because it helps me to relax and enjoy the small amount of time that I get to fish nowadays.

I feel fly fishing is more aesthetic than catching trout, but when you do catch a trout, it's that trophy fish you have always been waiting for as long as you are in the dream. . . Because in reality, it is just a nice 14 inch Rainbow. And in reality, you're just a tired person taking some time to relax and put aside your daily troubles that life brings your way.

So the next time you head to the stream or lake for that matter, as you are setting up your fly rod, start your dream. Enjoy the wildlife around you. Nothing is more powerful than the human mind. And if you are escaping into your dream and forgetting about reality, it won't matter that you are not catching any fish, you will be relaxing and should you catch a fish, it will be the "trophy" fish that you came to that "world-class" stream for in the first place.

As you return to the daily grind of life, you will be returning with a clear mind and relaxed body. . . Sounds like darn good therapy to me. ~Bob Stark (aka Dreamer)

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