January 26th, 2009

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Kitty's Pond
By Lee Soares (lee s)

We are very fortunate to be able to aquire access to many farm ponds through our job. Kitty's is one of our favorites because it generally stays clear, it is big enough to be entertaining for most of a day, and it is populated with bass and bluegills dense enough to create "success" for various levels of "skill".

The end of June this year found us plying Kitty's pond for bluegills with Susan's granddaughter, Tristan. It was not Tristan's first fishing adventure, but her first using feathers and topwater. Her set-up was her Snoopy rod, a bubble, and a bug. The bug was quite like the Gurgle-pop in the Fly of the Week archives, with the exception of a marabou tail.

At first it was hard to give her the rod after the cast before one of these little suicidal speedsters was already impaled on the hook.

After a bit the quick hand-off of an empty rod was possible and she was able to "set" when the "splash" occured.

Just a bit later Tristan was tossing her own bubble and bug and waiting for the splash of the take. Her first solo result.

This little gal has no problem keeping one of these little "buddies" for her tank at home, releasing them to their own home, or taking some home for fillets.

According to the smiles, one might believe there is some fishing future here?

Grandma Susan is in the process of building Tristan her own fly rod on a 5'6" 3wt blank‚small grip and all. ~ lee s.

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