August 18th, 2008

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Gadgets, Gadgets, Everywhere, But Not "The One" We Need
By George E Emanuel

In their never ending quest to provide us with the finest equipment, and an enormous array of items from which to choose, and plunk down our hard earned cash to purchase, manufacturers of fishing equipment have over looked what could be a profit center of monumental proportion.

Have you noticed all of the zippers in vests, packs, bags, materials packaging, and fishing shirts?

It was 1969, almost 40 years ago, that we landed a man on the moon and returned him safely to earth. We had to figure that whole deal out in less than a decade. By today's standards our tools were primitive. We used slide rules, paper and pencil. But, we reaped tremendous technological benefits as result of lunar exploration.

The world has seen quantum leaps and advances since then. The pocket calculator, the desktop computer, the laptop computer, the pocket computer, the telephone computer. And oh yes, the wristwatch communicator!

There are seven zippers on my computer bag!

Fly rods have gone from steel, to fiberglass, to graphite, to boron, to ceramics, and yes even the old standby bamboo designs have evolved.

All of my rod tubes have zippers!

We have had marvelous advancements in hooks. A plethora of new materials hit the fly shops every year. New colors proliferate. And tiers are constantly introducing new patterns. It seems that there is a constant stream of new items available, even if they do the same job as the old ones, not necessarily even better, just "new."

Patterns are similarly called new, even if they are essentially the same. An Adams tied with grizzly and dun hackle thus becomes a Gray Adams. Go figure!

All of my supplies now come in zippered bags!

Fly fishing expanded greatly after "The Movie." New members joined the fraternity in droves, driving it ever forward in progress. Some of them, thankfully, have simply progressed to somewhere else.

Most of our modern day authors were unheard of when the words "One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind" heralded the culmination of our greatest achievement. I have enjoyed Gierich, Nemes, Talluer, Borger, LaFontaine and others immensely. They have each made great contributions.

We have "Star Wars" technology all around us and it weaves its' way into our everyday lives quite seamlessly. Gortex, Teflon, Silicon, Epoxy, each are great advancements, and a result of achieving that lofty goal so many years ago.

Medicines also have come a long way. Each day we are bombarded with ads for Osteoporosis, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Weight Control, Intestinal Disorders of all sorts, and let's not forget Viagra and Cialis to help us stand tall when the moment is right. A new drug comes along it seems like almost everyday fighting against or curing some malady.

Sometimes, it even appears as though we have gone and cured ourselves of common sense!

As proof of the later, have you ever wondered at the moment of urgency, why there is no zipper in your waders?

Really, I mean, we have seen tremendous gains in every aspect of our lives. But is it too much to ask that we not have to remove our vest, or our backpack, or our chest pack, or our fanny pack, or our waist pack, or our shoulder bag, and our PFD in order to get to the snaps, or the buckles or the Velcro attaching shoulder straps and the Gosh Darned wading belt of our Super Dry, Absolutely Breathable beyond belief chest waders, just so we can keep the inside of them as dry as the manufacturer intended?

How many of the little accoutrements, nippers, forceps, tippet spools, hook sharpeners, floatants, gloves, and other must have 'do dads' have you lost in the process of removing gear to answer the real call of the wild?

Ever been halfway to paradise, doing your little dance only to discover after the rapture that you have stepped on your rod? Or, poked holes in something with your carbide tipped boots. Like your brand new breathable waders?

Why are there no waders made with a zipper?

Ladies we realize that you have unique problems, but if we can just get the zipper configured to keep the water out, then, can the drop seat be far behind?

Waders without zippers are the primary cause of un-intended "wet wading." Of course wet wading might be a very real option in some areas. But rest assured the AuSable in February is not such a place.

Think of the negative impact on other industries as well! How much coffee are you going to drink knowing waders don't have zippers. You may also want to curb your intake of fiber as well.

If we all get involved a campaign could be mounted to get all wader manufacturers to begin putting zippers in all of their new waders. It could be an option. Of course, you'd have to pay a bit more for an option.

Then, wouldn't you just be kicking yourself, if, in the moment of truth, you realized you had erred on the side of economy?

It is a free country, and you should have the right to choose! As of today however there is no choice. There are no waders with zippers!

So let's mount the campaign, get the manufacturers onboard and get waders with zippers on the market within this decade.

Join today, become a charter member of "Zipper Installation Project Emergency Management." Write to your manufacturer, tell him you belong to ZIPEM and you want a zipper in your waders.

"One little zip for man, one giant ahhh for mankind!"

We landed a man on the moon and brought him safely back to Earth. Don't you think we can get zippers for our waders?

I guess it - "Depends." ~ George E Emanuel

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