July 17th, 2006

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Tie-a Thon
By Keith J. Gallaher

On May 5, 2006, a small but dedicated group of fly tiers met at the local fly fishing shop (Tarheel Fish & Game) in Fayetteville, NC to begin what would be a 24 hour marathon tying flies.

The motivations for such an endeavor were the tiniest members of a species. No, I am not talking about midges, tricos, or oligodentrite worms. The tiny ones I am referring to are babies; specifically premature human babies. This group of flytiers chose to use the love of their hobbies (fly tying and fly fishing) to raise awareness (and money) for the March of Dimes campaign against premature birth. Four fly tiers managed to tie for 24 hrs straight and numerous others participated for various lengths of time over the day (and night).

the tiers

When it was all said and done, the bleary eyed tiers raised over $3500 and tied over 300 flies. The flies were donated to another charity organization, Casting for Recovery. This organization organizes fly-fishing retreats for women with breast cancer. This Fly Tie-a-Thon was billed as the "First Annual" event and the success of the inaugural event gives encouragement and enthusiasm for next year. A large thank you is in order for all who made this event a success by their participation, donations, or both.

the flies

For additional information about this event please contact the Fayetteville Fly Tiers (Keith Gallaher kjgallaher@earthlink.net) or Tarheel Fish & Game at 910-323-5310. Also March of Dimes can be contacted at (www.marchofdimes.com), and Casting for Recovery at (www.castingforrecovery.org). ~ Keith J. Gallaher

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