June 5th, 2006

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The Other Day
By Keith Swanson, (swen)

I had sweet talked the wife into letting me out of my normal morning duties in order to go fishing before heading to work, but I forgot to clear it with someone as would become obvious, again. I pulled into the parking lot and noticed 1 bobber fisher already working the shoreline I wanted to try. No big deal there is plenty of room, it's just that I hate casting where someone may see me. I don't know how to convince them that I am actually trying to fly fish, they never believe me after they see me try. Anyway I rig up, correctly the first time, unlike other trips (hey I'm slow but I learn), and walk down to the bank. I make a few false casts and then a presentation, not pretty but it's on the water. After a couple of minutes I notice some activity in the water over by a viewing platform, which is a concrete slab that extends about 15 feet into the lake. Before I can work my way over I feel a buzzing on my hip, and wonder why I grabbed my cell phone. The only people who would call me this early would be the family so I answer it.

"Hello", hopefully they don't notice the annoyance in my voice.

"Daddy, do we have any memory sticks at home?" It is my 13 year old daughter.

"What happed to the one you had last night?" This question was answered as I reached into my pants pocket and counted all three memory sticks. Why did she pick last night to actually put something back where she got it? We finished our conversation and she hung up.

I went back to watching the fish by the platform. As I was watching I noticed a few flashes and small splashes, hey those look white. "Crappie?" I ask myself. "Probably not, you're not that lucky" I answer. (Yea I talk to myself, even argue once in a while). But I decide to work my way over to the platform and try for them. I position myself a few feet away from the base of the platform so I can make casts at an angle in relation to the shore creating a triangle whose sides are composed of the platform, the shore line and my line. This was necessary because of a walking path that goes around the lake and comes close to shore in several areas, including the platform, and was in use already this morning.

I didn't think the bikers and hikers would like dodging my back casts. I take a couple of relaxing breaths, false cast a couple of times and proceed to overpower the presentation, my normal routine. Bring in some slack, false cast, present, hey it worked. After several casts and a couple of missed strikes, I get that buzz in my hip again. This time it's the wife, time to head home to take a memory stick to the daughter. I decide to make a few more quick casts, boy was that a mistake, I got into a hurry and got real sloppy with the stroke and I made a huge mess of my leader.

Then I saw something that made the trip worth it, or maybe it makes me mad about the trip, I can't decide. As I finished reeling in the line I saw a 16-18 inch bass do a nice impression of a Humpback whale. He came straight up completely out of the water, rotated in mid air, showing me his back, stretched out parallel to the waters surface and splashed down hard onto the waters surface. A beautiful sight. So what do I have to be mad about? He was well within MY casting range, MY VERY LIMITED casting range, and I'm standing there with a very messed up leader, that's what has me upset. Oh well, just another fishing memory, now if I could only catch some fish to remember.

PS. Yes, my daughter was very grateful I returned home to deliver the memory stick for her to use. I got several hugs and kisses, from both the daughter and the wife. So the time lost fishing is not really lost.

PPS. I must be an Other Day fisherman. Rick Z has many days when he can't keep fish off his hook, and he has other days when he struggles to find what they want. It appears that every day I get to go fishing is one of those other days.
~ swen

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