November 7th, 2005

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Another One Hooked
By Dane Fuller, Texas

After years of watching fly fishermen and wondering if joining their ranks would be worth my time, I broke down a few weeks ago and bought a fly rod & set up. After spending the next few days out in the yard practicing casting I decided that I was ready to try for the mighty blue gill in the local park lake.

Armed with a poorly tied mass production black fly of questionable lineage, I made my way to the water's edge and went for it. With the wind quartering from behind me I began my presentation of the not so tasty looking feathered lure. Again and again I deftly placed the little thing beyond a downed, leg sized tree limb and stripped it back along side.

Suddenly, without warning, the lure disappeared from the surface in the midst of a swirl that had to be at least the size of a Suzan B. Anthony dollar. I held the fly line with my index and middle finger against the rod and raised the tip. The fight was on! Stumbling and thrashing around on the bank I pulled in the line with my left hand looking, in my mind's eye, as if I needed to be on an episode of Walker's Cay Chronicles.

After, what seemed to be at least three maybe four seconds, I had the beast landed. It was the biggest, fattest, palm sized blue gill you have ever seen. It didn't last very long and there wasn't much to it, but it made a fly fisherman for life out of me. Undaunted by the size of my first fish by fly rod, I vowed to return, and thus ended my first fly fishing trip. It was one to remember.

P.S. Nice website guys! I've gotten more information from it in a week that I would have in a month watching fly fishing shows that seem to be aimed at the elitists. The articles for beginners and other information on your site is very refreshing to this poor Texas Boy.

Dane Fuller

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