October 3rd, 2005

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Things I've Learned This Year
By Joseph Meyer One More Cast Fly Shop

The things that I've learned while trout fishing this year:

The Chicago leech and the Copper John are the most under-rated flies I have used. The traditional Elk Hair Caddis is the most over-rated.

In an emergency, Chapstik make an acceptable substitute for fly floatant. There is no substitute for Chapstik, especially the one with the SPF 30 formula.

7X tippet is the best thing to happen to trout fishing in a long time. The stomach pump is one of the worst.

With apologies to Len Harris (who I have not fished with yet) Joe Krznarich and Frank Nardomarino are the most under-rated guides out there. Never pass up a chance to fish with either of these gentlemen.

Purple Loosestrife is one of the prettiest of the invasive species, Wild Parsnip is the worst. I think that God only made two mistakes: the pit in the avocado is too big and Wild Parsnip.

Good mending skills are a close second to casting skills in order of importance with wading skills coming in a close third.

There is so much fly fishing talent here in the upper Midwest. I would rather fish with my friend Wally than Lefty Kreh, I would rather sit and watch Bob Blumreich tie flies than A.K. Best, and I would rather watch Dave Barron cast than Flip Pallot.

At my age, a wading staff is a necessity on the Prairie River, regardless of which section I fish.

Trout flies, much like prayers, sometimes are best delivered from my knees, if only to humble myself.

Trout do smile. They smile at the beauty of their surroundings.

There is no Catch-and-Release if you hook a bat and no amount of side pressure will land a hooked cow.

Chicagoans (and I am one of them) drive like fools, (which I still do) park streamside where they do not belong (but I do not anymore) and are appreciative of the privilege to fish in Wisconsin. Deeply appreciative.

There are no accidents in nature. If you have doubts about the existence of a Supreme Being, catch a brook trout and admire the coloration. Which I intend to do come the first of March, 2006. ~ Joe

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