May 3rd, 2004

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Fly Fishing for Stripers
Another View
By Pete Micus

June, 2003.
I promised my nephew I would give him my old truck when the new one was delivered. Now it is time to make good on a promise. Sixteen hours of driving finally gets me to Ipswich, completing a seven state drive that included the Formula 1 trials on I 495.

A good night's sleep and my brother, David, awakens me at 4:30 am. One cup of coffee and we drag the kayaks to the launch point. As the tide is coming in, we have to be 5 miles out there when the stripers arrive. Being from Arizona I am not too bright on stripers, but kinda figure if the tide is coming in with the fish, we could just hunker down and wait for them. You do not run after a bus coming at you I told him. David tells me a REAL angler follows the fish. Now, after 16 hours in a truck the day before, I am placed in a fiberglass container the size of a small BBQ, without a motor and expected to self propel a few counties over where the fish are.

We are using fly rods. David got a good deal on them, wholesale, instead of the normal zillion dollars; he got them for only a few million. Attach a reel that costs so much it should be stored in a bank vault and all you need is a fly that has to be hand tied to look exactly like a 79 Wal-Mart special.

Paddling out to the good spot, I unlimber a rod that is longer than a Redneck's deluxe CB antenna and start my casting. One, 2, 3 and the fly is out there...except I have drifted back to where we launched the kayaks. Back to the paddle to get over five counties. All this done in a reclining position to keep my center of gravity (read beer belly) below the water line. A few fish and the tide changes, requiring another paddling against the tide to return. Not a bad day, caught a few, all undersized, but fun.

Next day tide is right so we walk 1 mile across mud flats to where the fish are. Now casting, casting, casting, catch a few, again undersize, but still fun. This trend continues until I start questioning where I pay to have my picture taken with one of them big blown up fishes I see in the newspaper. David swears they are out there, just not where we are.

This coming summer, I have my striper plans all laid out: a boat with an honest to god motor (about the price of three super duper rods and 2 fancy reels), so I get where the fish are; Wal-Mart lures, saving the money spent on a fly tying kit to pay for trailer, gas and insurance; and a $29.95 Ugly Stick with a Zebco spin reel. With the savings, I can afford the fishing trip, and the formula 1 race I qualified for last year. ~ Pete Micus

About Pete:

Pete really does live in Arizona, and his brother David, is our Dave Micus who writes a weekly column here on FAOL!

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