October 20th, 2003

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Learning Together

By Kevin L. Hensley (Jargo), Bridgeport, TX

My son, who is all of twelve years of wonder, and I, left out this Sunday past for a trip of discovery. To seek out new fishing water and explore a new river. Our destination was the Paluxy river. Armed with a map and two fly rods we were not prepared for the wonder and beauty of this small spring fed river.

Our first exposure to this new frontier came in the form of a very shallow run of crystal clear water that ran into a very deep hole. Trying not to let my son's hopes run too high, I warned him that since the area we were in was near a road, the fishing would be difficult. Mother Nature has a way of proving us wrong and as usual I was her target today. I tied on a prince and in short time we had landed a small bass and a nice sunfish.

We took a break from the fly rod so that I could show my son what we were tying to imitate with our flys. I started flipping rocks over and showed him some nymphs. He really liked looking for the little creatures so I turned him loose on the river and went to cast some flys. No sooner than I got back to the hole I heard him yell out "Whoa, What the ..., Dad get over here". He had found a two and a half inch Hellgrammite. After telling him not to pick it up, I quickly grabbed it with my hemostat. I tied on a plain #10 hook, put the Hellgrammite on and cast it into the hole. Two seconds later I had hooked into a 14" catfish. I handed him the fly rod and he brought in a black bass of equal length.

We spent the day catching fish, learning the river, and having the time of our lives. I can think of no better way to spend a day with someone you love. In his eyes I see the wonder and beauty our world has to offer and I feel young again all over. ~ Kevin L Hensley (Jargo)

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