March 11th, 2002

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Secret Brook Trout Place
Hospital and Church All In One

By Michael "The Boxcar" Widener

May the Force be with you, always.

I have little fear of having the title of "expert" associated with my name in the same sentence. I am not nor shall I ever be such a despicable creature. To admit or attempt credit for mastery of all aspects of fly-fishing would be the ultimate sin to me. I know that the "fun" would cease to be if I ever achieved such a low and impossible level of all-knowing knowledge. With all that one can pursue or be involved with the fly-fishing infection, I am secure in the fact that there is no danger of this ever occurring by my efforts alone. It would take divine intervention. May I never be perfect.

The adventure of achieving new levels and techniques shall I ever strive. I do not support the elite presentation of most print or video media. Whether you fish for western trout in Montana or bluegills in Alabama, fly-fishing is a food for the soul. No victim of the no-name disease should ever have his or her status degraded because of the species they pursue or have available locally. I am so severely stricken with the no-name disease; I have begun to fish to carp as one of my primary sources of "fun."

The no-name disease contamination has caused me to gain many new friends, many anonymous comrades from chance stream-side meetings where flies were shared, priceless memories with my children, and my hope for the next sunrise. Fun? It is much more than that. It is life. If you ever ask yourself the question, "am I having fun?" and find you cannot answer positively. Please, you should seek another infection.

The book Rising Trout was Charles K. Fox's representation of Theodore Gordon's lost and unpublished manuscript. In the book, Fox illuminates us to the fact that Gordon fished until his end. Though he spat blood on himself from his grave illness and fished in a greatly reduced physical state, Gordon thought enough of his fly-fishing, his water, and his trout to carry on to the end having fun. I trust and pray that the Almighty grant me such an honorable passing. In that passing, I seek no recognition as being special. I would rather be another thankful anonymous victim of the no-name disease that was allowed to participate and share.

Have fun. ~ Boxcar

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